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Campus Police

BCC Police Patch ImageBCC's Campus Police are here to assist you as well as all faculty and staff at our various locations. It is the College's goal to maintain a safe and secure environment for learning, working, and personal development.

Campus police officers at BCC are sworn, academy-trained officers. They currently have a number of statutory powers as granted by the Commonwealth, including the power of arrest. 

Campus Police can assist with:

  • Motor vehicle lockouts and jumpstarts
  • Campus and parking lot escorts
  • Producing keys for faculty and staff
  • Emergency medical response
  • Emergency notification questions
  • Transportation concerns
  • Child safety seat inspection
  • R.A.D. Self-Defense for Women


Department Overview

The Bristol Community College Police Department is located in D-110 of the Hudnall Administration Building (D-Building). We can be reached by phone on our business line by dialing 774-357-2218, or by dialing extension 2218 by any campus phone. In the case of an emergency, please dial 774-357-3911 or extension 3911 from any campus phone. There are also 9 blue emergency phones located throughout the campus and, with the push of one button, will dial and reach campus police automatically, also informing us of the location from which you are calling.

The Elsbree Street campus in Fall River is patrolled year round, 24/7 by both campus police, who are sworn, police academy trained officers, and a complement of contracted security officers, who are non-sworn. Patrols of the campus are conducted by vehicle, bicycle, and foot.

The same contracted security company provides services and answers calls on our New Bedford, Attleboro, Taunton, and Davol St. (Fall River) campuses. The police department also works closely with state, city and federal police and fire departments to assist with the safety of the College community.

In addition to physical patrols, the campus police department also utilizes 70+ surveillance cameras to monitor all campuses. These cameras continuously monitor and record most areas of all campuses.

Campus Police receive training from Massachusetts approved police academies. Some of our officers also receive specialized training in areas including emergency medical services, active shooter response, sexual assault investigations, SafeZone, and many others.   

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Bristol Community College Police Department is to ensure and maintain the safety and security of persons and property using and/or visiting any of our campuses. In order to achieve this mission, the Campus Police Department also strives to establish an environment that promotes security consciousness and fire safety practices, to suppress unlawful and/or unsafe behavior on College property, to safeguard freedom by preserving life and property, protecting the constitutional rights of individuals, maintaining order and encouraging respect for the rule of law by the proper enforcement thereof.

In working towards this mission, it is imperative that the Campus Police Department acquire the cooperation of all persons entering or using the grounds, buildings, and facilities. In addition, the Campus Police Department utilizes a community policing approach to facilitate partnerships with the community members. These partnerships are essential to obtain success in our mission of safety and security for all community members.   


Bristol Community College Police have the authority to respond to and investigate all criminal complaints, noncriminal complaints, and college policy violations at Bristol Community College. All campus police officers are sworn under the Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 22C, Section 63, by the Department of State Police, Commonwealth of Massachusetts as Special State Police Officers. This authority granted by the Commonwealth allows officers to exercise law enforcement authority concerning any criminal offense occurring in or on buildings, structures, facilities, lands or roads, owned, occupied, or used by Bristol Community College.

Officers are also granted authority by the Commonwealth through Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 90, to investigate and enforce any crime related to motor vehicle offenses. This includes issuing motor vehicle citations.

Criminal activity investigated by Campus Police Officers may be forwarded to courts for prosecution. If a policy violation is committed by a student, the Campus Police Department may refer the student to the Vice President of Students or Code of Conduct Officer for disciplinary action. 

More Information

Anonymous Tip Line
Crime Statistics
Emergency Preparedness Procedures
Campus Safety Authority (CSA)
Lost and Found
Public Safety

Contact Details

Campus Police Department
Fall River Campus, 777 Elsbree St, Fall River, MA 02720
Phone: 508.678.2811, ext. 2218
Location: D110

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