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Staff Resources

“Resources” offers a list of faculty and staff representing linguistic and ethnic minorities who are willing to provide support to other staff and students.

Samad Adamas
Samad Adams
Professor of Accounting
Extension: 3012
Room: K214

Carmen Aguilar Davol St Dean Image
Carmen Aguilar
Dean of the Center for Workforce and Community Education
Extension: 2158
Room: Davol - 230Q

Lara Akinyemi Staff Resources Photo
Lara Akinyemi
Special Programs Coordinator
Extension: 3039
Room: Attleboro Campus ‌

Carlos Almeida
Assistant Professor of Portuguese/Director LusoCentro
Extension: 2091
Room: A201

Ravitha Amarasingham
Professor of Early Childhood Education and Child Care
Extension: 2593
Room: C-211

Tina Andrade
Clerk IV - Fiscal Services - Student Accounts Office

Ronnette Barros
EDP Entry Operator III
Extension: 2181
Room: G143o

Rosario Basay Staff Resources Photo
Rosario Basay
Assistant Professor of Economics
Room: E211

Iva Brito Staff Resources Image
Iva Brito
Special Programs Coordinator
Extension: 2954
Room: B117

Gloria Cabral
Associate Professor of Baking and Culinary Arts
Extension: 2940
Room: G217b

Yanjun Chen
Professor of Mathematics
Extension: 2956
Room: L213

Rodney Clark
Dean of BCC Attleboro
Extension: 3527
Room: Attleboro 125

“ The best advice I could offer some if asked about succeeding at BCC would be to invest time in developing strong working relationships with people (students, staff and faculty) at every level. Through this type of collaboration, it would be very difficult to fail. ”

Rodney Clark, Dean of BCC Attleboro

Jim Daniels Image
Jim Daniels
Dean of New Bedford Campus
Room: NH416

Nicole Coleman-Parks Staff Resources Image
Nicole Parks
Human Resources Generalist
Room: D208c

Helene Costa
EDP Systems Analyst I 
Extension: 2433
Room: A204

“Success comes from within. One person's success may not be another's. Don't try to fulfill someone else's expectations or goals, concentrate and strive for your own and success will find you!”

Helene Costa, EDP Systems Analyst I

Margaret Cox Staff Resources Image
Margaret Cox
Assistant Professor of English
Extension: 2978
Room: B118‌

Eileen Cruz
Director of Adult Basic Education 
Extension: 2260
Room: Davol -227

Honorato Dacosta
Audiovisual Technician II 
Extension: 2115
Room: A203

Robert Delaleu Staff Resources Image

Robert Delaleu

Acting Director Multicultural Student Center
Extension: 4056
Room: G117‌

Mike Deluz
Faculty - Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Extension: 2201
Room: E Bldg‌

Ralph Desjardins
Campus Police Officer I 
Extension: 2218
Room: D108

Adrienne Foster Staff Resources Image
Adrienne Foster
Associate Professor of Biology
Extension: 2988
Room: L212‌

Ana Gaillat Staff Resources Image
Ana Gaillat
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Extension: 3591
Room: D210‌

Farah Habib
Assistant Professor of English
Extension: 2147
Room: B216

Alty Hickey
Maintainer I
Extension: 2393
Room: F114

Marsha Jones Staff Resources Image

Marsha Jones
Administrative Assistant II
Extension: 2988
Room: D203‌

Virginia Leeman
Academic Coordinator
Extension: 2749
Room: G203

Esteban Martinez Staff Resources Image
Esteban Martinez
Instructor in Culinary Arts
Extension: 2833
Room: G216‌

Jacqueline Mbugua
Assistant Professor of Biology
Extension: 3476
Room: L214

Makna Men
Senior Academic Counselor
Extension: 2601
Room: G209

Livia Neubert Staff Resources Image
Livia Neubert
Senior Special Programs Coordinator
Extension: 2476
Room: B114‌

Philicia Pacheco
Buyer III
Extension: 2216
Room: F113

Damra Pao
Technical Assistant I
Extension: 3178
Room: K130

Raksmey Pen
Acting Assistant Director of Upward Bound
Extension: 2277
Room: B108

Vannak Pen
Staff Associate - College Access Challenge
Extension: 3035
Room: B109-A

Jose Pereira
Maintainer I 
Extension: 2301
Room: F114

Dorris Perryman Staff Resources Image
Dorris Perryman
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Extension: 3037
Room: K226


Demetrice Phillips Image
Demetrice Phillips
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Extension: 3728
Room: Attleboro

Brian Pires
HVAC Refrigeration Mechanic I
Extension: 2483
Room: F117

Ana Ramos Staff Resources Image
Ana Ramos
EDP Entry Operator III

Mario Raya Image
Mario Raya
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Tahais Real-Martins
Coordinator of Academic Computing
Extension: 2110
Room: eHealth

Manuela Rosa  Staff Resources Image
Manuela Rosa
Director of WISE Women Grant
Extension: 3118
Room: New Bedford Campus‌

Ulli Ryder Image
Ulli Ryder

Dean of Humanities and Education
Extension: 2836
Room: B105a

Savonn San Staff Resources Image
Savonn San
Educational Talent Search Staff Associate 
Extension: 3026
Room: B108

Everilis Santana Staff Resources Image

Everilis Santana
Associate Professor of Math-CDE
Extension: 3740
Room: B109‌

Rana Say Staff Resources Image
Rana Say
Clerk IV

Maureen Sowa
Professor of History
Extension: 2210
Room: E213

Eduardo Soren Triff
Associate Professor of Spanish
Extension: 2212
Room: B208

Kelemu Woldegiorgis
Professor of Chemistry
Extension: 3399
Room: E116


Contact Details

Human Resources
Fall River Campus
Phone: 508.678.2811, ext. 2194
Location: 208A

Event Calendar

Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2018 20:00:00 GMT

Financial Aid Workshop - New Bedford (2/6/2018)


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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 19:00:00 GMT

Financial Aid Workshop - Taunton (2/7/2018)


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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2018 16:00:00 GMT

Financial Aid Workshop - Fall River (2/9/2018)


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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 16:30:00 GMT

Campus Tour and Information Session - FR (2/12/2018)


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